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What is Comfy Chair Book Club?

There are lots of great self-improvement and personal growth books out there. Perhaps you’re a little like me – feeding an ever-growing “To Read” pile with recommendations from friends, a promising online review, or the latest from a favourite author!

I’m usually pretty good at starting these books …and then a few chapters in I set it down and may not return for a few weeks or months, if ever.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, like –

* distracted by other life events or responsibilities;

* engrossed in the fiction novel I also keep beside my comfy chair;

* overwhelmed by the inspiring information with no idea how to put it into practice;

* or bursting to talk with someone about these ideas and not knowing who…

“There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.”
~ Irving Stone

Those latter 2 reasons in particular are a big part of why I developed Comfy Chair Book Club. Personal growth and healing don’t only happen in a one-on-one talk therapy setting. And sometimes reading personal growth books on your own can only take you so far.

Comfy Chair Book Club offers a safe, therapist-guided space* for like-minded individuals to connect; share thoughts, feelings, and ideas about what you’re reading; and support each other in the healing and/or growth that may come out of these discussions.

If this feels like something you have been looking for or that might be helpful for you, feel free to contact me for more information. Or check out the poster below to learn about and sign up for a current series offering!

*Please note: While Book Club is not meant to be formal group therapy nor a substitute or replacement for individual psychotherapy, it can be a great compliment to the self-growth process.


Who’s it for?

Comfy Chair Book Club can really be for anyone who is interested in engaging in meaningful discussions about mental health, wellness, and personal growth topics:

* Currently connecting with a therapist? Book Club could be a great compliment to that process, through sharing the experience with others on a similar mental health & wellness journey.

* Done therapy in the past? Book Club may offer something new to your self-growth journey by connecting with like-minded others.

* On a wait list for a therapist in the community? Book Club could be a helpful steppingstone to the deeper self-exploration that can happen in one-on-one sessions.

* New to personal-growth literature, or considering whether therapy might right be for you? Book Club can be a safe space to test the waters and find out what’s out there that may be a helpful good fit.

* Love reading and meaningful discussions? Or maybe you want some accountability in tackling your own To Read pile? Book Club can offer a community of like-minded people to swap insights with and support each other in personal growth.

If any of the above describe you – or if you are curious about whether this would be a good fit for you, please contact me. I would be happy to chat with you about it!

What to expect?

Book Club will consist of a group of no more than 8-10 individuals, who will meet bi-weekly for a 6-8 session series. Each series will focus on a particular book. This allows us to take our time in reading and exploring the material.

Meetings will typically begin with a brief welcome/mindfulness exercise; followed by guided discussion on the readings for that week. Participants will be encouraged to share insights & reflections; and are welcome to share related personal anecdotes if comfortable doing so, though this latter piece is not required.

What if I don’t have much time or interest in reading?

Though reading even parts of the book will help your own experience to be more meaningful, it is not mandatory. When applicable, I will do my best to offer alternative readings/short videos/podcasts on similar topics. If helpful, you are welcome to listen to an audio-version of the book. Or you can simply join in the discussion from your own experiences of the topics discussed.


How much will it cost? And will the book be included in the fee?

Fees will change depending on the number of sessions in the series. Please see the poster below or contact me for more information about a specific Book Club series.

Payment for the full series via e-transfer prior to the first meeting will be preferred. However please feel free to let me know if you would like to discuss alternate arrangements (ie per session payment, credit card payments).

The book will not be included in the fee for the series. However again, please let me know if you have difficulty getting the book. We can look into options together.

What about Confidentiality?

I typically invoke what I call a modified “Vegas Rule”* in my groups – and ask that participants respect the privacy of each member who attends. While it is totally acceptable and understandable to want to share your own experience of Book Club with friends and family, I ask that you not share the names & stories of other participants without their consent. We will go over this more fully in the first meeting.

*Vegas Rule = “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”


Contact me to register or suggest a book:

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