Therapy & Supervision

Individual Therapy

Therapy at it's most basic description is an intentional conversation. A conversation that may seek to explore and understand underlying emotions and needs; to process difficult experiences or challenging situations; to highlight existing strengths and resources that may be useful in working towards your goals.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, self-confidence or identity concerns, trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues, general discontentment, or looking to achieve a specific goal – the therapeutic approaches Beth Ann uses in her practice offer practical and important coping strategies that can be included in these conversations. Furthermore, Beth Ann’s overall perspective has strong roots in Attachment theory. This theory suggests that our early and on-going experiences impact how we connect or attach to others; and that the quality of these relationships impact our mental health and overall wellbeing. As such, her work with clients typically involves a balance of building emotional regulation/coping strategies; and digging deeper into how the beliefs you may hold about yourself and the world impact your decisions and interactions with others.

Wherever these intentional conversations may lead, Beth Ann strives to provide a safe, trauma-sensitive space for clients to engage in this type of self-exploration. Self-exploration that will hopefully result in more meaningful and fulfilling relationships and life experiences.

Building on the idea that the quality of our relationships impacts our mental health and wellbeing, Attachment theory also assumes that when we feel safely and securely connected and supported within our most significant relationship(s), we are more likely to thrive. Developing this kind of security and emotional connection is one of the main focuses of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), the approach Beth Ann uses when working with couples.

Like most things worth having in life, relationships take effort. They take time and energy and attention. And in today's busy society it can be difficult to prioritize that. Whether you are looking to check-in and deepen a relationship that is going well, or seeking support to work through challenging issues, heal hurts, or improve communication; conversations guided by the EFT approach can help. These conversations will seek to identify unhelpful communication patterns and uncover underlying emotions and needs. Learning to share these with and tune in to each other can lead to exploring how to respond in different, supportive ways that foster emotional connection. This deeper, more secure connection can make it easier to engage in meaningful and/or difficult conversations outside of the therapy room, and hopefully lead to a more fulfilling relationship overall.

Relationship Therapy

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

The relationship between Supervisee and Supervisor is equally important to that between Therapist and Client. Which is why Beth Ann believes the Attachment Theory lens and her passion for building meaningful connections is not only relevant but essential to this role.

One of the main purposes of clinical Psychotherapy Supervision is to support new and emerging Psychotherapists in developing their professional identity and skills; to fulfill requirements of education programs or professional regulatory colleges/associations. However established therapists will often seek supervision and/or consultation for various reasons as well.

Whether you are looking for a practicum placement to complete your education requirements; new to the profession and looking to fulfill your CRPO hours; or an established Psychotherapist wanting to enhance your professional development or consult on a challenging case - Beth Ann would be happy to connect with you to discuss a possible supervision/consultation relationship.

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